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Ecopneus helps Italy’s Olbia successfully remove over 900 tons of end-of-life tires

October 21, 2022

Italy’s Olbia handled an environmental problem that posed danger to the environment and human health as over 900 tons of abandoned scrap tires were collected from an industrial area.

This became possible thanks to funding and joint efforts of the Municipality of Olbia and a non-for-profit scrap tire managing organization Ecopneus. Additionally, Ecoservice of S.Antonio di Gallura helped the tire removal process. The company serves as Ecopneus’ partner specializing in collection and transportation of scrap tires in the provinces of Sassari, Oristano and Nuoro in Italy.

The deal with Ecopneus to remove scrap tires in Olbia was signed in October 2018 and managed to save significant sums of public money, according to the Mayor Settimo Nizzi.

Ecopneus representatives, in turn, stated that they were proud that they managed to contribute to the problem solving process in this critical situation. The not-for-profit organization also highlighted that it has been running educational programs across Italy to raise awareness of the scrap tires recycling and stimulate younger generations to turn to circular economy.